About Us

The world is constantly being manipulated by the dumping of reading materials either through Mass Media or Social Media.

ThinkerCamp Production was created during the Movement ControlOrder (MCO) 2020. The Pandemic was an awakening for us.

Our journey began as an online writing class during the MCO 2020.We took the opportunity during the pandemic to provide smart writing lessons for everyone, where the writers were encouraged to be bold and indulged in their creativity.

We envisioned a platform, that provides unlimited good reading materials for the whole community.

The digital world enabled us to collaborate with a wide range of writers from all types of backgrounds, regardless of age and distance.

As long as each writing material has valuable content that could benefit the reader and most important of all, it has to serve a positive
purpose, anyone can write.

Our goal is not only to give exposure and opportunity to write for amateur writers, in fact, we too aim to highlight the expertise of talented
writers to the reading community!

Whilst, marketing both physical and digital books online, and providing motivational writing classes.

ThinkerCamp also provides creative and academic writing consultancy for individuals/groups/organizations.

Be a brilliant writer and smart reader, join ThinkerCamp